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You Can’t Just Trust Anyone With Your Personal & Professional Belongings – That’s Why You Need Reliable Removalists Services In Melbourne, Australia!

We at House Removalists Melbourne understand the need for a safe and secure storage place for people with excess personal or business needs. However, trusting someone with your belongings has become somewhat scarce.
To cater to your storage facility needs in Melbourne, Australia, we offer state-of-the art storage spaces for you with clean and climate-controlled spaces; unprecedented security services including 24-hour surveillance, and a full spectrum of high-quality packing supplies.
These supplies include, but aren’t limited to;

  • Boxes,
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap, etc.

House Removalists Melbourne offers some of the best storage and removalist services in Melbourne that are not only flexibility but also focus on answering your toughest storage challenges. We offer competitive and outstanding prices on overnight and short-term storage needs and unbeatable long-term options, making us and our network of professional storage partners your best bet!
Some of the storage services we offer include, but aren’t limited to;

→ Reliable Prices

We can boast some of the best storage services in Melbourne, Australia, all while being cost-effective. A general idea of our storage costs are as follows:
Storage 1 – $550 – 75 cubic meters – $18.30 per day
Storage 2 – $450 – 47 cubic meters – $15 per day
Storage 3 – $180 – 16 cubic meters – $6 per day
Storage 4 – $120 – 10 cubic meters – $4 per day
However, we welcome you to contact us if your needs are beyond ordinary, and we can work out a deal that best suits you!

→ Inventory Tag System

You don’t just store your equipment with us, you save them. Based on your preference, we offer complete inventory tagging so that you can keep tabs on what comes in and goes out of your storage space.

→ Security

The whole purpose of storing your goods with House Removalists Melbourne is safety – something we achieve with constant surveillance, reliable locking mechanisms, and of course, free blanket wraps! After all, it is just as important to save your goods from dust than it is saving them from intruders!

→ Major Furniture Assembly

Thanks to the removalist bit of our business, we are able to provide the best high-quality storage services in Melbourne, Australia. We can send a team of professional movers and packers at your doorstep to disassemble your major furniture or machinery at your home, bring it to our storage facilities in Melbourne, Australia, and reassemble it as and when need be!

→ Ready To Move At A Moment’s Notice!

Whether you’re looking for an overnight storage, a short or a long-term arrangement for your goods and furniture, we have exactly what you need and more! With House Removalists Melbourne, you get to experience expert packing and unpacking services in Melbourne who are extra vigilant and take care of all your fine art and antiques. We are simply a call away!

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