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    Secrets of Professional Removals to Move Heavy Furniture

    Secrets of Professional Removals to Move Heavy Furniture

    Moving heavy equipment can strain your back and make you sweaty. You can’t do it, even with the help of your friends and family. Keep it in mind that moving heavy furniture needs strength, specialized equipment, and tricks. Pushing heavy furniture can be comfortable with the use of proper techniques.

    An ordinary person lacks these techniques, but local furniture removals Melbourne can handle this job in a better way. We have a team of trained staff members to handle this job. Here are some secrets of professional removals to move heavy furniture:

    Use of Sliders

    To move furniture over a carpet, carpet sliders are invaluable. We slowly lift every corner of furniture and put one slider beneath while keeping the smooth edges toward the ground. It will decrease friction and make it easy to move.

    Additional Equipment for Heavy Furniture

    We use shoulder dollies to move heavy furniture. You can connect these special lifting straps to shoulders. This equipment allows you to use your strong muscles. These dollies are recommended to move furniture from one room to another without stairs. You can’t use it to move furniture down or upstairs.

    Moving Blankets

    The local furniture removals use special moving blankets instead of sliders for the safety of furniture. These blankets work similar to siders. You have to put the whole blanket under your furniture before pulling it.

    These blankets are good to use on the stairs. If you want to move heavy furniture down or upstairs, you can use a bunch of blankets. Fold up these moving blankets and put them on every step to make your stairs a temporary ramp. After moving up or down the stairs, you can put another blanket under furniture and slowly pull its edges to move furniture.

    Moving Dollies

    The local furniture removals Melbourne prefers the use of square moving dolly or a hand truck. It is essential to choose a dolly as per the size of furniture. A metal hand truck can stand upright on the floor with its wheels. It is easy to handle furniture with a secure platform and top handle. Moving dolly’s are available in different sizes, so it is easy for professional to move each type of furniture.

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    Tricks to Move Furniture Manually

    To move heavy furniture manually, professional use two people and a high-low technique. This technique is suitable for large pieces of furniture, such as a bookcase or dresser. We tilt furniture backward toward another person so that he can hold the top and the first person holds the bottom. This method is right to move furniture on stairs.

    While lifting furniture, it is essential to focus on the posture of your body. Bend from hips and knees while lifting furniture. Use your legs and core instead of bending your waist. If a person tries to use his back for lifting, he can hurt himself. Keep it in mind that you have muscular thighs to manage heavy furniture without injuries.

    Hire Professional Movers

    Keep it in mind that you can’t manage a DIY move even after arranging all tools. You will still need extra people and lots of practice. If you don’t have a person for your help, you can hire local furniture removals Melbourne. We can complete this job without any injury or damage at an affordable price.

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