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1. Can you do fixed quotes?

House Removalists Melbourne charge by the hour rather than giving fixed quotes because, unlike many other companies, which will profit by quoting the maximum number of hours, we save you money by only charging for the hours worked. All our prices are door to door and charges are half hourly increments.

2. What truck should I use?

We have different trucks and you can select any truck according to your requirements by calling at our helpline or submitting contact form.
2 tonne truck
4 tonne truck
8 tonne truck
10 tonne truck
12 tonne truck

3. What makes House Removalists Melbourne any better than other Removal companies?

House Removalists Melbourne is known for its professionalism. We work for you to make your job go faster and safer. All our jobs are insured; and we use company employees, GPS tracked vehicles and we have very simple straightforward pricing.

4. Can I help with the move?

You are more than welcome to assist with the move in order to speed things up and ultimately save money. However, we do recommend that you follow instruction from our movers as they have thorough knowledge of how to best fit your furniture in our trucks (it can be a little like Tetris at times!).

5. Do you have insurance?

Yes, House removalists Melbourne carries both Public liability (5 million) and transit insurance of (200,000). We believe in high standard workmanship, all our removalists are trained and hired as company employees. You do not pay any excess if there is any damage on your moving. 100% guaranteed with all our jobs.

6. Do you charge extra on weekends?

Yes, all our charges are higher on Saturdays due to applicable of wage rates. We do not work on Sundays.

7. Do you serving all suburbs of Melbourne?

Yes, our movers will travel to all suburbs of Melbourne. We also take regional and interstate moves on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for details.

8. Do you have Depot charges or petrol charges, GST inclusive in your price?

All our prices are door to door, there are no fuel charges with 5kms radius of CBD, and however we have a one off charges for any house removal jobs. Yes, all our prices are GST inclusive.

9. Contact Us

If you’re interested contact us, Please submit contact form.

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