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Packers and Movers Melbourne

When moving with House Removalists Melbourne, be assured that you are taken care of not just in terms of the handling of your belongings, but also their safety on the road as we have a fleet of trucks and a van that ensures protection of your valuables in the best manner possible. With our vehicles, you will never have a problem on the move.

To suit the demands of various moves and their nature, we have 4 different size trucks that comes in the following sizes:-

  • 2 Tonne Truck
  • 4 Tonne Truck
  • 5 Tonne Truck
  • 8 Tonne Truck
  • 12 Tonne Truck

Unlike most of the removalists in Melbourne, we do not keep only the standard size trucks that mostly comes in one size (either big or small), primarily due to the reason that we believe every move is not of the same nature and size, hence, it is very important that we do justice to our moves and the clients in terms of providing what they want and not looking at it only from the commercial perspective. To be able to provide quality work, it is important that we understand the need of our clients. There goes a lot of assessment in recommending the right truck as we believe our clients should only pay the right fee for the right service, hence, our booking experts are extremely attentive to your needs and asks you questions many a times so be able to allocate the right vehicle to your desired move.

Our trucks are equipped with all the modern safety as well as lifting equipment so that the arrangement of your belongings is both organised as well as safe. It not only helps to save time but also allows our removalists to move your stuff with more efficiency and less effort. We ensure that all our trucks are fitted with cameras both inside and outside so that the progress of your move can be monitored at all times. This also allows a very little scope for any dispute with our clients if there arises any concerning the quality of work done, attitude or the pace of our removalists, etc.

We also have a 2 Tonne Van which is exclusively dedicated to our ‘Pack and Wrap’ services. The van is equipped with all the packing materials such as wrapping papers, bubble wraps, sticky tapes, packing boxes, wine boxes, mattress covers, etc. It comes as a readily available service to our clients who opts for ‘pack and wrap’ services before their moves. This activity speeds up the entire process of the house/office moves as our pack and wrap specialists label each box and also arrange them according to the contents of each room. It not only helps our removalists to move the boxes more quickly but also helps our clients to locate the contents of each room while unpacking.

At House Removalists Melbourne, you could be more than assured about the quality of our vehicles as they are maintained at a regular basis. We are also extremely particular about the safety adherence policies, hence, all our trucks comply with the safety norms. Call us today to be booked with the best truck to suit the size of your move. Happy Moving with House Removalists Melbourne.

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