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Superior Moving Services with Fully Equipped Trucks

All our trucks are fully equipped with trolleys, blankets, and all other necessary equipment. House Removalists will care for your contents in our sanitized and cleaned trucks. All our removal trucks are equipped with a centralized GPS system for your convenience.

We have provided superior moving services to thousands of customers at House Removalists Melbourne and can take care of your needs in our fleet ranging from vans to extra-large trucks. Our expert Customer Care Team will be able to determine the best size for your needs.

All our trucks and removalists are 100% committed to safely, securely, and efficiently moving your precious possessions.

All trucks have 2 movers minimum except for the 10 and 12, which have 3 movers for your efficient move.

We can also offer combinations of trucks and deals, adding an extra mover and the 2 Tonne long-wheelbase van to make things easier for you.


Our truck sizes are as below;

2 Tonne Van – With a 7 cubic meter capacity, our Packing team uses this long wheel base van to take all the necessary packing supplies to your home to package them efficiently. This van can also be utilized in moves when paired with one of our trucks.

4 Tonne Truck – This truck suits one-bedroom properties or small apartment moves. With a capacity of 23 cubic meters, it packs a lot into a bit of space. This truck is fitted with a hydraulic lifter.

5 Tonne Truck: Looking to move a little more? A one bedroom plus study or a 2 bedroom. This is the truck you need. With 29 cubic meters of capacity and a hydraulic lifter, it has that little extra for you.

6-Tonne Truck – At 36 cubic meters, quickly move your 2 bedrooms with a study or storage area in our 6-tonne truck. Our sturdy ramp makes it an easy load for the team.

8-Tonne Truck – Utilising a sturdy ramp again and with a capacity of 40 cubic meters, we are ready to move your small 3-bedroom unit or home quickly in the 8-tonne vehicle.

10-Tonne Truck – Our unique 10-tonne truck is a curtain sider useful for commercial moves, but don’t underestimate its capacity of 53 cubic meters and hydraulic lift used for your 3 to 3.5-bedroom home. This truck comes standard with 3 movers to make the process even smoother.

12-Tonne Truck – Our “big truck” can quickly move large homes. It has 57 cubic meters with a sturdy ramp, and it comes with 3 movers also. Saving time, easing fatigue, and increasing productivity. We often recommend this with the 2 Tonne Van for those extra-large moves.

We have different trucks, and you can select any car according to your requirements by calling our helpline or submitting a contact form.

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