Hiring a moving company in Melbourne

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House Removalists Melbourne is 5 star rated leading Moving Company in Melbourne. If you have ever gone through a major move, you know just how much work it entails. When you hire professional removalists Melbourne, it takes some of the burden off your shoulders. The key to getting excellent moving services is hiring a company that has had years of experience in their field. This way you benefit from their knowledge and skills to get the job done right.

→ Do You Need a Professional For Your Move?

As no two moves are exactly alike, you will need to determine for yourself whether hiring a moving company is worth the expense or whether you should handle the move on your own. Moving entails a lot of mental preparation, time and physical work. If you have the time and physical capability of moving on your own, you will be able to save on moving expenses.

A move that involves changing apartments or offices from one location to another within the same city could be handled without much assistance. These moves often don’t require a lot of packing and loading which makes it easier to do them on your own. You could simply hire a man and van to transport your goods to your new location and be done.

Handling a major move on your own is another story. Most people do not have the time, patience or know-how to handle the hundreds of details involved in a large move, whether it’s from one city to another or state to state. Little things like transferring your phone account and other utilities are tasks that don’t seem difficult, but can waste hours even days if you don’t know the little tricks to make things easier. This is where calling in the professionals can actually save you money.

→ What’s the Advantage of Professional Packing?

By hiring a competent removalist, you get professional packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking services that keeps your goods safe and sound for the duration of the move. Good movers know how to pack items securely to reduce risk of damage. They provide moving boxes of all shapes and sizes to safely accommodate all your goods.

Heavy furniture, odd sized items and appliances will be bubble wrapped to protect them from surface damage. These items are then carefully hand carried or loaded onto the truck using a loading trolley. Packing is a very important aspect of moving as it determines the protection of your goods. Poor packing could result in items breaking, chipping, scratching or becoming damaged beyond repair.

→ What Kind of Vehicles Do Removalists Use?

Professional removalists in Melbourne offer a number of different vehicles to suit your need. Small vans and a driver are perfect for small office or apartment moves within the city. For larger moves, you can choose from 4T or 6T moving trucks with a two or three man team to accommodate your needs.

If you are planning a major move, be sure the company you choose has a fleet of reliable vehicles suitable for your move. The vehicles should be fairly modern and well maintained to avoid unnecessary delays. The company should also provide responsible and careful drivers to ensure your goods arrive safely.

→ Do Movers Cover the Cost of Damaged Goods?

When you hire a professional mover, you can obtain insurance coverage to protect your goods from breakage and loss. The cost of this insurance will depend on the type of coverage you choose. Most removalists in the Melbourne area offer various insurance packages to suit different needs. If you pack your own goods, however, you take responsibility for their own safety as most companies will not insure goods that are not professionally packed.

Accidents can happen anytime during a move, even with the best of movers. It’s much better to be prepared with insurance coverage to repair or replace damaged goods than suffer the complete loss of a valuable gift or heirloom.

→ Will Movers Let You Choose the Services You Desire?

Because people have different needs, furniture movers offer different moving packages to correspond to the situation at hand. If you prefer to pack your own goods, you can hire a van or truck with one or two helpers for loading and transporting. If you need additional help with your move, you can choose a package that includes packing, loading and transporting.

If you need help setting up your home at your new destination, unpacking services are also available. With valet unpacking services, a team of experienced unpackers will help you set up every room in your home just the way you desire. They will put all your goods in order and leave your home furnished, orderly and clean.

→ How Much Do Melbourne Removalists Cost?

Removalists generally charge hourly rates that vary from company to company. A typical man and van hire may cost around $70 per hour. A two or three man team and moving truck may cost between $120 to $160 an hour for a weekday move. For weekend and holiday moves, the cost is higher.

When calculating the cost of your move, take into consideration the timing of your move, size of your household, type of vehicle you will need, distance of your move, manpower required, etc. If you have expensive or special equipment that needs to be moved, such as a piano, this will also figure into your moving cost. Most movers offer moving packages which can help bring down the overall cost of your transition.

By looking at what you need to move, a company can give you a reasonable estimate of what they will charge. You can get estimates from several companies to include cheap, middle of the road and high end movers and then choose the best deal.

For long distance or large moves, hiring professional removalists in Melbourne may be in your best interest. You can benefit from the experience and training that professional movers bring to the table. Hiring a moving company also frees you to handle business or personal affairs that no one else can take care of but you. When you work with a qualified furniture mover, you can relax a bit more knowing the moving company will handle the bulk of the work in an orderly and professional manner. This makes hiring a removalist well worth the expense.