Secrets of Professional Removals to Move Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy equipment can strain your back and make you sweaty. You can’t do it, even with the help of your friends and family. Keep it in mind that moving heavy furniture needs strength, specialized equipment, and tricks. Pushing heavy furniture can be comfortable with the use of proper techniques.

An ordinary person lacks these techniques, but local furniture removals Melbourne can handle this job in a better way. We have a team of trained staff members to handle this job. Here are some secrets of professional removals to move heavy furniture:

Use of Sliders

To move furniture over a carpet, carpet sliders are invaluable. We slowly lift every corner of furniture and put one slider beneath while keeping the smooth edges toward the ground. It will decrease friction and make it easy to move.

Additional Equipment for Heavy Furniture

We use shoulder dollies to move heavy furniture. You can connect these special lifting straps to shoulders. This equipment allows you to use your strong muscles. These dollies are recommended to move furniture from one room to another without stairs. You can’t use it to move furniture down or upstairs.

Moving Blankets

The local furniture removals use special moving blankets instead of sliders for the safety of furniture. These blankets work similar to siders. You have to put the whole blanket under your furniture before pulling it.

These blankets are good to use on the stairs. If you want to move heavy furniture down or upstairs, you can use a bunch of blankets. Fold up these moving blankets and put them on every step to make your stairs a temporary ramp. After moving up or down the stairs, you can put another blanket under furniture and slowly pull its edges to move furniture.

Moving Dollies

The local furniture removals Melbourne prefers the use of square moving dolly or a hand truck. It is essential to choose a dolly as per the size of furniture. A metal hand truck can stand upright on the floor with its wheels. It is easy to handle furniture with a secure platform and top handle. Moving dolly’s are available in different sizes, so it is easy for professional to move each type of furniture.

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Tricks to Move Furniture Manually

To move heavy furniture manually, professional use two people and a high-low technique. This technique is suitable for large pieces of furniture, such as a bookcase or dresser. We tilt furniture backward toward another person so that he can hold the top and the first person holds the bottom. This method is right to move furniture on stairs.

While lifting furniture, it is essential to focus on the posture of your body. Bend from hips and knees while lifting furniture. Use your legs and core instead of bending your waist. If a person tries to use his back for lifting, he can hurt himself. Keep it in mind that you have muscular thighs to manage heavy furniture without injuries.

Hire Professional Movers

Keep it in mind that you can’t manage a DIY move even after arranging all tools. You will still need extra people and lots of practice. If you don’t have a person for your help, you can hire local furniture removals Melbourne. We can complete this job without any injury or damage at an affordable price.

Tailored Moving Services in Melbourne

Whatever your moving situation is and the needs of your moving life cycle, House Removalists Melbourne is here to help! Our services are customized to your needs. We offer:

Our team of professionals are ready to fulfill your requirements.

Why Do You Need Local Melbourne Movers?

Moving your house requires you to take several decisions in a short period. From selecting the right date of moving and picking the best supplies, you have to manage several tasks. In this situation, you will need local Melbourne movers. With thousands of interstate and local moving companies, it is not easy to locate a reliable moving company. You can make this work easy by evaluating the services of a moving company. Here are some questions that you must ask from a relocation company before hiring them:

Ask About their License

To avoid rogue movers and scams, you have to check the license of a moving company. All movers work with a particular license number issued by their state. You have to check their complaint history and license number. Every country has its licensing requirements and moving regulations. Your selected moving company should fulfill these requirements.

Ask About Their Experience

Make sure to choose a moving company with experienced staff and ample experience to handle each move. For example, if you want to move to a multistory building, you must inquire whether the local Melbourne movers have experience with this kind of move. Movers must have equipment and expertise to handle everything, such as small doorways, parking restrictions, no elevators, and steep stairs.

Check the Liability Coverage Provided by Movers

Before giving this responsibility to local Melbourne movers, you have to ensure that your valuables are covered from an accident during the removal. You will need local Melbourne movers that provide a reliable coverage option for your valuables. Licensed movers may give unrestricted value protection or complete value protection.

Unrestricted value protection can be a good choice without extra charges. This protection is limited because movers will assume labiality of a few cents for each pound. Under complete value protection, your movers will be responsible for damaged and lost goods in the whole shipment. It is a comprehensive plan for the protection of your valuable items.

You can ask insurance proof from a moving company. Keep it in mind that each licensed and legitimate company should show its insurance policy to its customers.

Ask about References

You can’t hire local removals without checking references. Before delivering your belongings to a moving company, it is important to ask for references. It is your responsibility to ask them to provide you with complete details for your satisfaction.

You have to complete your homework before selecting a company. It will be good to ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Word of mouth will help you to choose a reliable moving company. Double check online ratings and reviews of the company.

Ask for Binding Quotes

If you want to avoid unwelcome surprises at the time of billing, you have to ask for quotes. Several Melbourne movers provide their customers with non-binding estimates. It means that the estimated moving price is subject to changes, depending on real costs.

The situation can be good or bad for you. If a mover requires extra labor or working hours, it may increase your bill than an actual estimate. In an opposite situation, you could be lucky to pay less bill.

The binding estimate will remain the same. This kind of evaluation must include potential charges and add-ons. If you need local Melbourne movers, you must ask their binding estimates before hiring them. These estimates must have all extra services, such as travel time, stairs, etc. It will help you to avoid shocking surprising while paying the cost of moving.

Ideas to Smoothly Move Your Business

Moving your business to a new place will help you to get fantastic benefits. Sometimes, a relocation can change the identity of your brand. Regardless of all benefits, moving is time-consuming, expensive and overwhelming. You will need the professional movers of a moving company Melbourne. They can manage this job to save you from stress and tension. Here are some ideas to smoothly move your business.

Donate or Sell Additional Office Equipment

If you have old printers, copiers, and phones, office furniture, and PCs, it will be an excellent opportunity to donate these items. If you don’t want to donate these things, you can sell them in a yard sale or online stores. In this way, you can get some money.

Pay attention to Packing

If you want to move your business, start packing as soon as possible. People often underestimate the packing time and start working in the last minutes. It will be a huge mistake, so begin this work almost 15 days before your moving day. A large inventory may take several weeks in packing.

You can save money on packing by assigning this task to a moving company. A moving company will bring its packing supplies and receive a reasonable price for their services and supplies.

Moving Company can Make Your Work Easy

If you want to save your money, you can get price quotes from several moving companies. Evaluate each company based on price and quality of services. A professional moving company Melbourne can take care of everything.

Try to make their work easy by taking care of perishable items and food in the refrigerator. If you have surplus vegetables, fruits or cooked food items, give them to your neighbors or friends.

Mark Boxes

After packing your items, you should mark boxes on sides and the top. It will help you to locate your items quickly while unpacking them. Try to write the number and a small description of things to make your unpacking easy. By numbering each box, you can quickly locate missing items and make its claim to the moving company.

Professional moving companies like House Removalists Melbourne offer insurance for damaged and lost items. They are doing this to give peace of mind to their customers and increase their loyalty.

Unplug Electronic Items

Before packing electronic items and computer tables, it is essential to unplug all cables. You will need a separate bag to put wires. For computer cables, it will be good to have zip-locked baggies. Pack cables of each computer in a separate baggie and write the name of each computer.

To move computer monitors, you will need bubble wraps and tapes or moving blankets. You can’t put them in boxes. Try to keep tape away from the monitor. Always use tape after adequately wrapping a computer monitor. A heavy blanket can protect monitors during a move.

Avoid stacking monitors over other items. For the protection of your data, purchase a detachable hard drive or keep a backup of your data on a cloud or other online services. To avoid the trouble of buying heavy blankets and other supplies, ask your moving company to pack your possessions, furniture, and electronic items. A moving company Melbourne has the skilled and trained staff to pack and unpack your belongings without damaging them.

Stress-Free Move with Expert House Removalists in Melbourne

Moving a house is full of stress and tensions. People often try to do these things without any professional help to save money. Keep it in mind that you can’t handle large scale jobs. You may end up spending extra money and time before achieving the desired results.

Shifting your house can be difficult based on several external factors, such as the height of the building, traffic, and working area. Instead of increasing your expense, it will be better to take the hard work out of moving with House Removalists Melbourne. Here are some significant benefits of hiring a professional removal company:

Don’t Deal with Moving Pressure Alone

Relocation is a nerve-racking occupation. The pressure of moving can disturb your whole life. You have to change your working schedule to arrange a safe zone for your kids, pets and other family members.

In this situation, there is no need to take the tension of removing furniture and other bulky items. You can make an affordable deal with House Removalists Melbourne to manage this work.

Get Reward of Skilled Removalists

Professional removalists are experienced to handle this job. They know actual tricks to load up your heavy furniture and the furniture of unusual shapes in trucks. They can efficiently use empty spaces and decrease the probability of an extra vehicle or extra trips.

Placing stuff in allocated space is similar to a jigsaw puzzle. It is important to adjust each item accurately to its right place.

Protection for Furniture

While relocating your possessions and furnishings, you will need assurance for their safety. You can get this security from the expert removals. They always work with the right strategies and equipment to move your furniture. Your possessions and appliances are protected from motion within truck and scratches and bumps on the road.

While working with professional movers, you can get the advantage of packing and organizing facilities. They can efficiently pack items in appropriate boxes and containers before removal.

You may get some extra services, such as they offer a helping hand to unload a truck and depart you for remaining tasks. Professionals can give you necessary suggestions in adjusting your possessions in the new house.

Productive Services for Your Convenience

People often avoid professional removals with a fear that they will take a long way to increase their fees. Keep it in mind that professionals like House Removalists Melbourne will not do this. They stick to you to move your possessions to your new house.

It will be good to take the hard work out of moving with House Removalists Melbourne. It is your responsibility to share traffic and road conditions with your service provider.

Storage Facility

You can get storage facilities along with removal services. Storage facilities can help you to save your money. The removal company will receive nominal cost for providing this facility. After hiring a moving company, there is no need to worry about equipment, and storage facilities. It will be a time-saving and healthy deal.